Events & Updates


Fall 2021 CETlab meetings are scheduled at 12:30 pm on Fridays. 



September 2021 Postdoctoral Scholar Meas Meng joins Invenia Labs in Cambridge, UK as a data scientist working in the energy sector. Congrats, Meas!

August 2021 Tiana Curry joins University of Southern California's Computer Science program. Congratulations, Tiana!

August 2021 Les Armstrong joins MIT's Technology and Policy masters program. Congratulations, Les!

July 2021 Postdoctoral scholar Kamal Chowdhury joins the Joint Global Change Research Institute at the University of Maryland as a postdoctoral scholar. Congrats, Kamal!

July 2021 The CETlab team submits the "Participation Gap Analysis among Energy Efficiency programs in California's Public Sector" report to the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC). Great work -- Michelle Le, Sydney Litvin, Atherv Gole, Audrey Meiman, Austin Covey, Nathaniel Villa, and Meas Meng. 

May 2021 Michelle Le, Matt Lai, and Nathaniel Villa graduate from the Environmental Studies program. Congratulations! Michelle joins the Environmental Science Associates.  

April 2021 Ranjit Deshmukh and Meas Meng along with several other co-authors and in collaboration with emLab completed a report for the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) on Identifying equitable pathways to reach carbon neutrality in California's transportation sector. The report was released by the Governor's Office. 

March 2021 Ranjit Deshmukh along with co-authors Duncan Callaway and Amol Phadke publish their paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences -- Least-cost targets and avoided fossil fuel capacity in India's pursuit of renewable energy

March 2021 Anagha Uppal completes her Masters program from the Geography department. And joins the University of Louisville's Environment Institute. Congratulations, Anagha!

January 2021 CETlab student team begins work on the Underserved Energy Efficiency project to examine gaps in access to energy efficiency programs in California's public sector.

December 2020 Ranjit Deshmukh along with co-authors Julia Szinai (lead), Dan Kammen, and Andy Jones publish their paper in Environmental Research Letters -- Evaluating cross-sectoral impacts of climate change and adpatations on the energy-water nexus: a framework and California case study

October 2020 Tiana Curry won the Edison STEM Scholarship. Congratulations, Tiana!

July 2020 Tiana Curry won the Creative Computing Scholarship. Congratulations, Tiana!

June 2020 AKM Kamal Chowdhury (Kamal) joins CETlab. Welcome Kamal!

June 2020 Measrainsey (Meas) joins CETlab. Welcome Meas!

June 2020 Tiana Curry was accepted in the CAMP internship at UCSB.

May 2020 Anagha Uppal received the Schmidt fellowship. Congratulations, Anagha!

May 2020 Tiana Curry won the Alyce Marita Whitted Memorial Award. Congratulations, Tiana!

February 2020 Tiana Curry published her paper in the URCA journal.

January 2020 Ranjit Deshmukh joins the California EPA project as co-PI

September 2019 CETlab got the Energy and Economic Growth grant from UK Aid, managed by the Oxford Policy Management for project focused on Southern Africa